Welcome Magento Developers

This blog was mainly created as a Magento development guideĀ to store all the information learned about Magento while developing on it for Foobl, LLC. I plan to slowly add posts about anything I learn that I think would be useful to have documented and useful guides to help others develop modules with Magento.

I also found that a lot of documentation currently on the web is for older version of Magento and no longer relevant. I am currently working on Magento EE v1.13.0.2 and CE so all the posts in here will be based on one of those versions. As new versions come out, I will try to go back and update my older posts so they stay relevant to the most recent version.

A lot of other pages out there also seem to be incomplete. They skip steps or do not fully explain the code that they are having you copy-paste in. I hope to cover everything a bit more in depth to try and remove the chance of confusion that I had while reading other people’s pages.

So stick around! I have a lot of notes that I have taken already that just need to be transferred into posts and will be bringing in more content as soon as I can.